About Us.

Our Beginning

The Hudson Project first got its start in June of 2016 by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer Nick Hudson after losing his grandmother to cancer in 2011. Originally named Mission: Smile, The Hudson Project was designed to be a feel-good company for anyone wanting to see a little good in their daily lives. The Hudson Project has now branched out and into many divisions E.G., providing funding for patients, hosting events, and providing crowdfunding in Bakersfield, Fresno, and Los Angeles.

Our Mission

Sometimes the world can be a cruel place, but we can make it better together by promoting philanthropy in cities all across the United States. It has been our mission to promote philanthropy and empower individuals through fundraising, events, and online resources to make the world a better place.

Some might question why our mission is so broad, and we are here to tell you why. The Hudson Project is a collection of people with an assortment of ideas, projects, and backgrounds. THP is designed for collaboration and to make crowdsourced philanthropy a viable option for communities, something we wouldn't be able to do with a "restrained" mission.

Crowdsourced Philanthropy

Crowdsourced Philanthropy (CP) is the idea of bringing communities together to tackle some of their problems or bring about a social good. The idea stems from crowdfunding which is a way for communities to fundraise together. Much like crowdfunding, CP is a platform to promote "do-gooders" and highlight local community service projects across the country.


All that we do, is done with our communities in mind. We guarantee that every dollar raised in a community stays in that community.


We believe that there is good in everyone. With only one life to live on earth, we encourage all to be kind to one another. Together, we can make a difference.


It should not be difficult for organizations to help people nor be concerned over finances. We believe free resources should be available at no charge.


Events are our way of fundraising, advocating, and networking with our community members. We want you to join us whenever possible to make that connection.

about us nick

Nick Hudson | Founder & CEO

While The Hudson Project is still in its early developments, we are working hard to establish our name in our communities. People are our number one priority. THP is designed to be a place for people to come together to help others.

Nick has proudly served as the CEO of The Hudson Project for the previous two years. He plans to eventually grow The Hudson Project to become a worldwide contender and legislate for the local mom and pop nonprofits.

Hall Of Fame

Dedicated to those who helped us become who we are.


Madi Thorp


Talia Adler


Haiden Drake


Starr Hibbitts