Dinner De Mayo

  • Start: May 18, 2019 6:00 pm
  • End: May 18, 2019 9:00 pm

The Hudson Project is excited to announce the second annual Reds, Whites, & Wishes. After our inaugural event last year, we were able to expand our organization to new horizons and greater opportunities. This year, we plan to set the bar even higher by hosting one of the most elegant fundraising events in Bakersfield at the Kern County Museum.

What happened in the 2017-2018 year?

Where is the money going? Right back into the community! Outside of our operating costs, The Hudson Project gives the guarantee that all funds raised in a community stay in the community. We try our best to be 100% transparent in all that we do; you can check out our project expenses with receipts on each of the dedicated projects pages.

Optimal Hospice

Last year, we were able to send all kids to the Optimal Hospice Kids Camp here in Bakersfield California. Kids Camp is a multiple day and night summer camp that takes place every summer for children struggling with the loss of a loved one. Our founder and CEO Nick Hudson attended the camp in 2012 after the passing of his grandmother from cancer. Nick’s life was touched so profoundly by the camp, that he vowed to become a lifetime supporter. We donated $7,800 to Optimal and look forward to a continued donation this year.

Built a Crowdfunding Platform

Also this past year, with the very limited funds we had, we had developed a crowdfunding platform to provide a better option over GoFundMe. The platform serves two purposes. One is to keep crowdsourcing local and more personable throughout the community. Second, the platform helps generate income from our 5% cut to cover operating expenses so that our donor’s money won’t have too. The platform did exceptionally well throughout testing and is now available for full use at https://funding.thehudsonproject.org.

Gift Bags for the Homeless.

Partnering with an individual this winter, We were able to launch our first crowdfunding campaign, Gift Bags for the Homeless. Much to our surprise, we were able to raise $400 for necessities and hygiene products such as deodorant and dental care. We decided to donate all of our bags to the Blessing Box.


What’s Planned for 2018 – 2019?

We have many exciting objectives planned out for the new year.

A New Polling System

We feel that crowdsourcing is a phenomenal way to receive community involvement. We have taken an extra step further to work alongside Bakersfield and our donors by developing a new way to determine where our funds are allocated. Our latest polling system allows for donors to log in and vote on a selection of causes that our organization will donate toward. For example, we decided as an organization three worthy causes to give toward; our donors will be asked to log in and vote on which cause they like, the cause with the highest amount of votes wins. We then plan to develop a project for that cause where we can pursue our donor’s wishes and help the community.

Free Local Events

We plan to spread our message and philanthropy all across Bakersfield this year through free public events such as Movies in the Park, Bike Rides, Game Nights, Etc. This will not only allow for us to grow in our community but provide a good, wholesome experience to the public no matter the financials, age, religion, race, etc. of the individuals that attend.


We plan to allocate 50% of this years fundraised capital toward our savings to build up our organization.

Youth Development Programs

Today’s youth is tomorrows future, and we want to ensure that our future has a strong foundation to be successful. This year, any youth development program will be eligible to submit donation request forms to their organization. This includes but is not limited to:

  • 4-H
  • FFA
  • Kids Summer Camps
  • Educational Purposes
  • STEM programs
  • etc.

We encourage our community members to apply for our grants and scholarships to further their potential.

What to expect at Dinner De Mayo 2019?

This year will be our most significant year yet with live entertainment, a special guest speaker, and many fun, entertaining activities to ensure the night will be a blast. Be sure to order your tickets below to secure your spot to the 2018 Reds, Whites, and Wishes.

” My team and I have been working incredibly hard to produce an event that will be one of the most elegant fundraisers in Bakersfield this year. We have many amazing auction items lined out for the event as well as some awesome entertainment. We look forward to a fun night and hope to see everyone there!”                                                                                                                                    – Nick Hudson, CEO The Hudson Project

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